Jimmy Johns – 3G/4G Internet Failover Bundle (50MB / Month)

$59.99 $49.99

Includes carrier specific USB AirCard, site assessment, and shipping.


Product Description

Retail180 provides Jimmy Johns with a unique failover option through using cellular data as a backup internet service to be used on demand. It’s simple to setup with your approved corporate firewall: just plug this USB device into your firewall, the device will initialize and  will be ready to provide a reliable connection to the internet when your primary internet fails. This service is ideal for sites who process credit cards over the internet.

How does it work?

The USB AirCard connects to cellular data to provide internet failover. Franchise owners are billed a low monthly fee to maintain the service. The service provides an allowance of 50 MB of data usage per month with low overage costs.

Special Pricing Bundle Specifically for Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns franchise owners receive the following:

  • Site Assessment to determine cellular service carriers and availability
  • Carrier specific USB AirCard
  • Pricing is guaranteed through the full 24 month contract
  • Low monthly failover service cost with 50 MB data allowance: $29.99 per month originally $39.99
  • Low overage costs ($19.99 per GB used, per month)
  • Reduced Setup Fee: 49.99 originally $59.99